Introducing Wallet Selector: A New Tool for the NEAR Ecosystem

Web3 users looking for an easy way to interact with the NEAR blockchain using their wallet of choice now have a slew of options. Wallet Selector, a new easy-to-navigate pop-up allows users to select their preferred wallet to easily interact with the NEAR protocol.

Launched in March 2022 by the NEAR Foundation, this simple modal will appear whenever users are given the option to “Connect Wallet” to the NEAR blockchain.

Wallet Selector provides developers and builders with new options to connect their projects to NEAR, and in future, will allow mobile apps to connect to the NEAR blockchain seamlessly in just a few clicks.

Unlocking the wallet ecosystem

At launch, Wallet Selector will feature three supported wallets:

  • NEAR Wallet — a simple, easy to use web-based wallet.
  • Sender Wallet — a browser extension available Chrome, Brave, and other browsers.
  • Ledger Wallet — the secure hardware wallet that allows users to store their wallet in a secure place.

Thanks to NEAR’s open and inclusive approach, other wallet developers will be able to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem.

Developers looking to add their wallets, there is documentation and instructions on the NEAR Github repository.



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