Whitepaper NEAR Staking Protocol

How does Matrixx work?

The NEAR token is the official token of the NEAR Protocol. NEAR is designed to be deflationary, sustainable and hybrid via its transactional taxation system.

Matrixx Investment Plans

The protocol operates in three different plans; Beta, Alpha and Gamma.

Taxation system

To maintained the contract and keep it deflationary tax is applied to all transaction on the platform. A 20% tax is applied to every sell of Trixx token. 10% is applied to every buy of Trixx token. 15% is applied to deposits and withdraw and 5% is applied to manual compounding.

Token Airdrop

Silver Plan :

Online community

Join our vibrate community on Telegram @nearstacking_protocol



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NEAR Staking Protocol

NEAR Staking Protocol


Near Staking is a High Yield Investment programme developed for the Near Protocol.